About Ibinye


Hey there!

Maybe you grew up feeling like you had no voice. Or maybe you once had a voice, but life knocked you down. As your therapist, I help you learn how to tap into the inner strengths you never thought you had, and finally find your voice. You take care of everyone else, so it’s time to take care of yourself. It’s time to stop anxiety and insomnia in their tracks.

My name is Ibinye, but you can call me Ibi (rhymes with Ivy). I help women like you move from confusion and anxiety, to calm and hope.

My style of therapy is very real and very casual. No therapy gibberish, no pretentiousness. We get you where you want to go quickly. I laugh A LOT- after all you’ve been through too much to not have a sense of humor. In our work together, I will see you- not the you that you present to the world- but the real, unfiltered you. The you that you present when no one else is around to judge you. Because I believe you deserve to be who you really are.

I'm not the stern, aloof therapist you watch on TV. I am a Christian therapist, however I work with women of all backgrounds. Together we can figure out how you can start to speak up for yourself, reduce anxiety and live a bolder life. I’m also trained to help women who struggle with insomnia get the sleep they crave. We'll work together every week until you reach your goal. I use a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, which simply means that we identify unhelpful thoughts, show you how to change them, and this will leave room for a more productive, calmer life. This works really well for women with anxiety and insomnia.

My Murrieta counseling office is also knows as “The mental health spa” because it was designed as a place where women like you can come in, put away your burdens and gain courage. If you’d like to skip the commute, I also provide online therapy or counseling within California.

I also use Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) which helps you learn to manage intense emotions, focus on the present and learn how not to worry about the future. I only take on a handful of clients so we can work on your goals quickly. Therapy with me is always individualized to suit your specific needs.

Our first session together is a 75-minute assessment in which we identify what's not working for you and create achievable, specific goals.

Call me (951-905-3181) for a free 15-minute phone consultation so we can figure out how counseling in Murrieta can help you find your voice and reduce your anxiety.


God is within her. She will not fail. (Psalm 46:5).