Women’s Anger Management Group

All you want is to be able to speak your mind without getting into arguments with your loved ones. Deep inside, you know you’re a good person, but for some reason you keep getting into arguments and fights. Your family and friends sometimes worry about you. You try to bite your tongue, but things keep happening that lead you to explode in anger.You’ve held so much in for so long and it’s beginning to cause problems in your life. Maybe you’ve lost friendships, you’ve burned bridges, maybe you’ve lost a job, maybe it’s even led to bad legal consequences. You sometimes feel like people take your niceness for weakness and they take advantage of you.You don’t want to be labeled as an angry person anymore. You wish they could see the good you have inside of you. You just want to be heard. Maybe people have told you that you need an anger management class.

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I get it. You’re not a bad person, but the anger sometimes controls you. I help people who have a difficult time managing their anger find effective ways to express themselves so that they can speak their truth without exploding. In this anger management class in Murrieta, you will learn how to know when your anger level is rising too high, you’ll also learn the things, situations and people that trigger your anger, and what to do when these triggers are all around you. With the tools you’ll learn from this class, you will be able to speak assertively-not aggressively- so that others can finally hear you. You don’t have to live with the guilt that comes from blow ups anymore. You don’t have to live with the shame that comes from being labeled an angry person. You can get this anger in control and finally be free.

To begin your journey of reducing anger, call 951-905-3181 to find out more about the anger management class. The class meets for an hour each week in Murrieta. The cost is $50 per session.