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Counseling for women in Murrieta with anxiety and insomnia


Anxiety is consuming you.

You have no idea how things got this bad. You look at yourself in the mirror and you don’t recognize the woman staring back at you. You’re putting on a show for everyone, but deep inside you’re lost. You toss and turn each night and your sleep quality has also reached an all-time low.

You want to find your voice.

But you think to yourself, “If I speak up, no one will hear me.” How do you find your way back to the real you? You spend so much time giving to everyone, pleasing everyone, but no one really sees you. If things continue this way, you’re afraid that the anxiety will consume you. You’re tired of exploding on your loved ones and crying quietly when you’re alone. You’re tired of the facade.

Help for your anxiety is near.

Hey there, my name is Ibinye, but you can call me Ibi (rhymes with Ivy). As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I help women like you who feel like things are out of control, gain confidence- whether it is by managing your anxiety better, teaching you skills to help you get rid of insomnia, or guiding you through the dating process so that you can create a foundation for a healthy relationship. 

In-Person and Online Counseling in murrieta.

I provide both in person counseling in Murrieta, and online counseling for people who live in California. When you’re in therapy with me, you can be yourself-laugh, cry and let your guard down. I only take a handful of clients, which means I will be very dedicated to you. Let’s work together to get you to your goal as quickly as possible.

For the woman of faith who wants to integrate scripture and prayer into our counseling sessions, I provide Christian counseling or Christian therapy in Murrieta and online. And if you don’t want the integration of faith in your sessions, that’s fine too.

learn how to manage anxiety and insomnia. 

Email me at to schedule a free 15-minute consultation call so that we can discuss how to help you sleep easy and reduce the anxiety you feel. You can also click here to call (951-905-3181).

You don’t have to struggle alone. Reach out for help with anxiety or insomnia.



Find out more about Ibinye Osibodu-Onyali, LMFT.

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