Women with anxiety.jpg

You are a strong woman. But even strong women struggle sometimes. You pride yourself in all your accomplishments. But the problem is you’ve been taking care of everyone else to your own detriment. You’ve put yourself on the back burner. Some days you think you’ve lost yourself. And now the anxiety is weighing heavily on you.

When you lay in the bed at night, you wonder, “Is this all there is to life? I want to heal myself. I want to be free!” Everyone thinks you have it together, but you know that something is wrong. This anxiety is crippling. You second guess yourself when you talk to your loved ones. You get into arguments with people you love. You’ve had moments when you just cry all alone.

You want help.

Maybe you’ve had a difficult upbringing. Some things have happened to get you to this point. And it’s led you to many struggles. Your self worth is struggling, you have many insecurities. Your insecurities have led you to form relationships that aren’t the best for you. Let’s just say you gravitate towards people who need fixing.

You want to learn to trust yourself. You also want to let go of the guilt and shame. And that’s where I come in. We will work together to help you build your self esteem. You’ll learn how to pick the pieces back up so that your strength can continue to carry you.

You’ll also learn how to identify your needs and take care of yourself better. If you’re ready to move from a place of anxiety to a place of calm, call me at 951-905-3181 so we can work on helping you find your joy again. You can also email me by clicking here.