Do you need a parenting class?

Being a parent is hard-but I bet I don't have to tell you that. Kids are so cute and cuddly, but after a while they begin to drive you nuts. They never seem to listen to what you have to say, they throw tantrums all the time, they sometimes don't want to follow a convenient schedule and sometimes, all you want to do is scream at them.

There is a myth out there that mothers are supposed to intuitively know how to take care of their kids. When the baby cries, you're supposed to know why she's crying and you're supposed to be able to fix it immediately. And when you're in public and she throws herself on the floor in the middle of the Murrieta Target? Well everyone immediately stares at you like you're a horrible person. The feeling of shame suddenly overwhelms you and you either leave the store quickly or give her the candy she's begging for. You begin to judge yourself and wonder if you're cut out for this parenting gig.

And as she gets older, she'll start talking back and it sure won't be pretty. You wonder what you'll do then. In your heart, you just want to raise a child who has structure, who is self disciplined and who listens to you from time to time. You know your daughter isn't perfect, but you want her to not give you headaches. You don't want to be screaming at her or spanking her like your mom or grandma did. You dream of going with her to the nail salon and having girl time when she's all grown up. But the problem is you don't know how to get from point A to point B- from strong willed toddler to happy teenager.

Some people think that parenting classes or parent support groups are only for moms with CPS cases. Or that these groups are for moms who use substances or who abuse their children. Well this is quite false. A parenting class is simply an avenue where parents (yes, dads too) or caregivers (and grandmas are welcome as well) go to learn more about their goals for their kids, their family values, how to instill self discipline in their kids and how to help children to be assertive, while still knowing how to follow rules. It's not a group for mom shaming or a group where you learn that you're bad. Actually, in my group, my goal is to help you understand your child so well that at the end of the class you'll be pretty confident as a parent.

So if you're a parent who loves your child, wants her to accomplish great success in the future, wants her to learn empathy, wants her to learn independence, wants her to learn how to share and play well with others, and wants to know how to strengthen your parent-child bond, then a parenting class is just for you.

Let's face it- there is no such thing as a parent who knows it all, so why not spend some time learning about the developmental needs of your child and how to strengthen your relationship with her so that she wouldn't have to throw herself on the floor of Target in order to communicate her needs with you.

If you're interested in enrolling in my 8 week Toddlers to Tweens class, you can call me on 951-905-3181 or you can email me here. We'll talk about if the class is a great fit for you, what goals you're looking to accomplish and how you can become a much more confident parent. Remember, parenting is hard, but it doesn't have to be totally painful. With some new tools in hand, you can learn how to make your journey a lot smoother. Call today-don't be shy.