What does a parenting class look like?

So you've been searching for parenting classes or parent support classes in the Murrieta and Temecula area, but you have no clue what to expect. You haven't asked any of your friends or family members for help because you think they will judge you. In your mind you know you're a great parent and you don't want anyone to tell you otherwise. You want to learn some new tips on being a more effective parent, but you're not sure what a parenting class would look like. Would you have to hold hands with other parents? Will it be a group of moms who share woeful tales about their kids? Would it be a complain fest? What exactly should you expect?

Well I cannot speak for every parenting class out there, but I'll share the way I run mine. My parenting classes are always taught by me- I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in Murrieta, CA. We meet once a week for 90 minutes over an 8 week period. Why 90 minutes? Because my goal is to pack you with useful information that will help you increase your confidence as a parent, help get your child on a good schedule, strengthen the bond between you and your child and understand why your child acts the way he or she does.

When you walk into the meeting room, you'll be greeted with some light refreshments. There'll also be a sign in sheet so I know you attended. You can sit wherever you want. During the first 2 meetings, I ask everyone to wear name tag. I also do the same because most people find it difficult to remember new people's names.

In the first class, we will all introduce each other and discuss why you all chose to attend the class. This is so that we all get a sense of togetherness. Usually this is when people talk about how uncomfortable they are to be in such a vulnerable space. You''ll find that others feel the same way. We will also come up with group agreements- these are do's and don'ts. So if there's anything that irks you, now will be the time to add it to our agreements. I always ask that we keep everyone's business in the room and that we also treat each other with kindness. Typically everyone agrees to these.

I'll give you a workbook that you get to keep. It's a pretty big book that you can look over whenever you have questions in the future. It's very detailed so by the end of 8 weeks you will have a very solid plan of action on how to parent your child. Please understand that parenting looks different in every household so I never tell you what to do with your child. It's your child- you know him or her better than anyone in the room. I'll also ask that you bring the workbook each week as we'll be working from it and you'll be filling it out.

During the group, we will all get to practice the skills I teach. The reason I do this is because sometimes when you're being lectured at, you can leave not actually knowing how to practice what you've just learned. But when you get to practice in class, it makes the concepts a lot clearer. After the 4th week, you will begin to actually practice the skills with your kids at home. So to be clear, your kids will not be attending class with you-this is a parents and guardians only class.

And if you’re not sure if a parenting class is right for you, read the blog post- Do you need a parenting class?

By the time you complete all 8 weeks of the class, you'll be a more confident parent, you'll learn about the developmental and emotional needs of your child, you'll be able to set proper rules and boundaries for your child, and you will instinctively know what works for your family. Now I never actually tell you what to do. Because you are the parent- you know your child better than anyone else. I'm just here as your guide, helping you pool whichever tools you think are right for you.

So if you are in the Murrieta/Temecula area and you think that a parenting class might be the right fit for you, go ahead and call me on 951-905-3181. We will talk about your needs and get you signed right up. Parenting can be a lot more streamlined. Or you can also email me here. Don't delay, spots fill up fast and a new class will start soon.