Starting therapy or counseling can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. You can have a life free of anxiety or insomnia in 3 easy steps:


Your first contact with me usually starts with a phone call or an email. I'll ask you to schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation. During the call, we’ll talk about how we can work together and what your goals are. This initial call is important to decide if we are a great fit for one another.


Schedule your first session

If you decide that we're a great fit, we'll schedule your first 90-minute session. We'll talk in detail about what issues brought you into therapy, fill out all the legally required paperwork and set goals that will move you from anxious to calm and assured. You’ll get more comfortable with me and with the therapy or counseling process.


weekly sessions

We will dig in together to help you feel better and take control of your life. So if you're ready to let go of anxiety, give me a call.